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September 5, 2018

McDonald's Operator Comment of the Day

Modern and progressive would include the company “investing” into O/O’s ability to attract and retain higher quality people. Our business model DOES NOT support the salaries needed to compete with Chic, Hobby Lobby, Buccees gas stations. 

If they’re so interested in modern and progressive and attracting and retaining the best available they’re going to have to allow us to play on a level field. We just can’t offer the pay and benefits others do, no room. These “investments” like college tuition etc sound great but we are busy making note payments and paying rent/service fees and shouldering more annual expenses every year. 

I don’t recall a mebtion of 2% food cost (as a %of sales) at the gallery walk. We were unprepared for this and it isn’t getting better. 

I can’t pay $14/hr with full benefits like the guys mentioned do so we usually get those who others don’t want. Oh, and at business reviews we get to explain why our turnover is so high? Hell, I’m losing 20+yr vets who *were* lifers. They’re tired of unrealistic demands and irrational field service idiots with less experience keeping them on the defensive. 

The whole thing is broken. Leadership is running out of people to blame, they fired those who might have helped. 

They are obsessed with analytics, their own tell a pretty compelling story. 

We will see if the next bunch lives in reality, I predict these guys will soon see the door. Their own obsession will be their undoing.



Richard Adams said...

Originally posted on "Are McDonald's USA Same Store Sales Doomed?"

Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful I got out with any money and just in time. Have close friends still in so I hear all the news and it sucks.

Will it change.. there is always a greedy kiss butt that will take the stores. But in the US Labor Markets we will not stabilize turn-over. We have some wonderful managers and crews in so many stores but 6 day weeks, hard to get a weekend, 10 -12+ hour days... all without room for competitive compensation and help to key Team Members and Managers is sucking the personality and style out of the restaurants.

Good luck McD.. it was a spectacular journey for my wife and I.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! Similar experience. Very grateful we got out 4 years ago with good equity. Saw the handwriting on the wall regarding never ending reinvestment/cash flow issues and discounting. It seems like it "peaked" with McCafe in 2008, Don Thompson, et al, and has never let up. The resultant loss of small operators(the heart of the system) will have a negative impact on operations and customer service. Too bad!!