Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 14, 2018

NLRB Getting It Together

New joint employer definition is proposed



Anonymous said...

McDonald's makes it easier every year for the NLRB to designate McDonald's a joint employer i.e. McDonald's makes us put a person on for table service, you need to have a GEL in your lobby this is directly controlling the number of people and their duties exactly the tests the NLRB and the unions are looking for as evidence. It is only a matter of time next when political parties change in the country and this will happen could be years but it will happen

Anonymous said...

They force us to accept only approved seating and decor vendors, dictate which banks get approved,make us buy proprietary computer POS software, dictate rebuilds every 10 years, control training and manager certifications, select distribution companies and dictate approved suppliers. Then they say we are independent!

Anonymous said... the company is going to start having regional meeting to introduce us to the new Field First focus! These meetings (at least in the Chicago region) are going to be led by our new Operations Officers. I find this funny. Because they are NOT real officers (can not make franchising or any other official company decisions). They also have NO operational experience. So, when there is a problem at the restaurant level we better figure it out on our own. But if we have a problem with the ROIP matrix and spreadsheets the Operations “Officers” will be the ones to call! They can then tell you how awful they think you are. This company is fast becoming a joke! Our Operations Officers could not run a restaurant but are very good at telling us what we are doing wrong. I envision in about 1-2 years when operator equity as an average is at an all time low and cash flow won’t cover all of the debt they will be the first people to blame us right before they are fired. I believe I will be cashing out and getting out of this one sided system very soon. At least I won’t be upside down from an equity standpoint before it’s to late.

Anonymous said...

Oh don’t forget, with so many things that we are selling at the Same price we are probably in violation of the anit trust laws.

I have NO flexibility when the automatic discount kicks in at every turn.