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September 10, 2018

Chi-Trib Isn't Too Sure About Rock and Roll Replacement

The New McDonald’s Is an Architectural Nothing Burger


Anonymous said...

McD is destroying our legacy.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the ROI on this site, McD's Corp has ruined the sales of this restaurant over the years.

If my memory serves me right Angelo Lencioni & his business partner Kathy Connelly owned this site, McDonald's Corp never really liked him as he was a maverick in the day. It was one of the busiest sites in the country. McDonald's bought him out and had some lady franchisee partner operate the restaurant she continued to run sales decreases over the years, but of course, McDonald's and their new operator knew how to operate it better than Angelo & Kathy. Then they decide to rebuild it and the lady continues to be the Operator for the new site that McDonald's Corporation built. Over the years sales continue to decline and they have this huge restaurant. Somewhere along the way another O/O takes over the operation, the current O/O. Now McDonald's Corporation rebuilds it again and from what I understand is not that busy since it re-opened. This restaurant was doing over $5mil in sales in the 80's that would be over or close to $10mil now this restaurant does nowhere near that.

I am just wondering why they did not build the world headquarters on this land they own if they wanted to be in downtown Chicago, makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

ROI???? What's that??? This site absolutely has no Monetary ROI. One could argue, maybe, that it's ROI is simply to evaluate "brand Perception." However, if it were only that easy, all of our Remodels would have lifted sales, feel good moments and we'd have employees lined up to work for us.

I was always told the previous operator was guaranteed a set salary for running that location. It's a model store and needs to run as such. unfortunately, our business model, with downtown chicago rent, will not allow for profitability. I'm sure the land is worth way more than having a free standing location there.

On top of that, they added, yet another mcd at it's corp HQ. perhaps it's impacting sales. I've come to understand
Modern/Progressive = inefficient and bankrupt. Our beloved company is becoming a train-wreck.

Anonymous said...

Radicals always try to destroy their enemy's culture, heritage and traditions. Some corporations are not much different. Modern and progressive.

Anonymous said...

"You didn't build that"

This explains all of it.