Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 25, 2018

QSR Industry Tidbits

Dunkin' drops Donuts from name

Starbucks to run more like a business

Sonic will probably run better as private company

McDonald's menu values may be falling short - Cowen


Anonymous said...

McDonalds think they can win on value, and appease Wall Street. The company charges the Operator high rent on top of high wage, and then an endless stream of discounting in the form of value menu/deal and App (I’ve had to give away more thena 500 large fries every day for the last FIVE days). Does the American public need so much free fast food? Obesity is an epidemic in the US. We need a new metric to analyze discounts; dollar to calorie. The food police are coming. Do you really need to get that many calories for a dollar, or $4, or $5, or $6? REMEMBER, switchers are not loyal. We need loyalty building tactics. By rotating these deep discounts in and out we are in a never ending cycle of attracting these non loyal consumers. The OO Boards that approve this stuff are puppets to the master. Maybe Tampa will help.

Anonymous said...

I bet the previous poster won't be too happy about Breakfast Triple Stackers coming! I have not seen in any of the NABIT paperwork the calorie count.