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September 13, 2018

Eating Habits Are Changing Faster than QSRs Can Keep Up

If only McDonald's had an attribute that made it more attractive than cooking at home.

Wait! Fast service could, but McDonald's leadership is going in the other direction. 

Fast Food Races to Meet Americans’ Growing Demand to Eat at Home - Bloomberg


Anonymous said...

There is an overcapacity of restaurants in the marketplace when the next downturn in the economy comes we will see a lot of fall out in the restaurant industry. McDonald's has always done relatively well in an economic downturn as we have customers trading down. What worries me in the next downturn is our whole pricing structure and how it affects profitability in the restaurants. We are priced way to high on one side of the menu board to try and keep food costs in check because we are so low on the other side, we are no longer an overall good value, it makes no sense for a family to order EVMs when they can order off the $1,2,3 menu we will continue to drive more customers into the $1,2,3 menu. We have really destroyed our menu board it could take years to recover.

Anonymous said...

Well said!