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August 23, 2018

Tried the BBQ Glazed Tenders

Pretty good product. I went to the drive-thru and the tenders smelled so good in my car I 
had to pull over and try them. When I opened the box I thought to myself, "this has got to 
be the messiest product McDonald's has ever sold".

I finished one tender without staining my upholstery but took the rest back to the office so 
I could wash up in the sink after eating the remainder.

I spent a while wondering, "What were they thinking, developing such a messy product".
With McDonald's being such a drive-thru business, messy products do not sell in large 
numbers. How many orders of Hotcakes and Sausage are sold in the Drive-Thru?

Then it dawned on me - BBQ glazed tenders are for McDelivery! Management is planning 
on loading up the menu with new products that will only be applicable to McDelivery.

That'll simplify things!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Correct, we were and still are not behind the plan. Those who ask the wrong questions are silenced and receive unbelievable scrutiny in their restaurants. If they are weak, they are taken out. If they are strong, they are bought out.

Someone above said it best. They are the enemy, treat them as such.

Leadership is hearing but not listening, they don’t care. They have done what I’ve seen so many stupid organizations do, forgot or don’t care what got this brand to greatness. Hint: it wasn’t over the dead bodies of others, it was with the right people doing the right things.

Field service used to (30yrs ago) be around to help O/O’s grow business. This changed and is clearly the opposite, it is all the way up.

On this trajectory all that may be left is crappy operators running crappy stores with crappy service and crappy support led by dumbbells who are pretty talented spin doctors. Even good operators when faced with fighting for their economic lives will have to succumb to understaffing leading to what most McOpCo’s are, profit centers with no soul, scraping every last hour and penny. We cannot run this business properly under this model, staff well and achieve great results. The formula for success 25 yrs ago was simply run it well and staff well. It’s impossible to do today.

This is all very similar to politics, Corporate execs are in this just like elected officials, decisions made to get re-elected and to get rich themselves. A healthy environment works for all- everyone helps. This top down BS model is clearly flawed, I’d like one example where centralized command and control worked well over an extended period of time with sustained growth. I know of none.

In my opinion this will fail and a new crop will file in, hopefully with an understanding of what really does work. It’s definitely not this.

I’ve talked to 40yr veterans who CRIED when they talked about their love for the brand. MANY will move heaven and earth to make this brand work but they keep firing them or they jump ship first.

It’s also like about anything in life. Some have to hit bottom to get honest. Right now I see honest words but no real action. Just more costs, maybe mass failing O/O’s will turn the tide, I hope it doesn’t go that far.

Since I’m on a roll, let’s talk about being customer obsessed. How in the hell is asking customers and bullying O/O’s into forcing a 20 question survey that is used for internal purposes “customer obsessed”? They already voted with their wallet, ask them 3 questions if you want and thank them for their business. How in the hell is making massive business decisions based on pressure from NGO’s who don’t even like us and that slows service, screws up the flavor of our food and produces sweaty crappy drinks “customer obsessed”?

...but the “foam cup realignment” or whatever the hell they called it “only resulted in a .5% sales impact across the business. BS. I do not believe this. Even if it is right, how in the hell does one reconcile “customer obsessed” with doing crap that they don’t want?’re talking to the wrong people. The ones you want to talk to don’t want to fill out that stupid “Voice” thing you’re so obsessed with. They want to get in and out fast and they actually buy our products, they don’t march on DC with vaginas on their heads and they don’t scream about the styrofoam impact to the environment. And they are in my DT right now, running late for work because I’m fooling with this broken model. The end.

Rant over. Thank you, Richard.

Anonymous said...


So this comment in kind of on the fence and can go either way

Agree with almost everything said. A 30+ year operator was ASKED/FORCED to sell just in the past few months. He was
my neighbor operator and friend Sold to a “BIG DOG” operator (meaning over 10 stores) that he is never in the ones he
has but like mentioned can tell great stories

I am over the direction and am I am trying my best - but it’s 1 step forward and 2 steps back

The VOICE is a joke - let’s do VOICE on seed stores- BSV CEV training classes - as far as relationship a 1 would be a high number

100’s of operators want to sell - they can’t for several reasons - so they stay on the sinking ship. What are we going to diccount

Our cash flow is getting worse and I do not see any change ahead.

Done 2 MRP’s a few to go Sales are plus 5%. BIG DEAL. customer count flat. All I got was a big note and a kiosk that
customers do not use

Each of us is a pimple on an elephants butt and no one in any of our offices cares about us. We all know they can find another
SUCKER when we sell (at a discounted price - that comment was overheard by a QSC VP just last week ). “WE ARE BEHIND
when you think about that it is completely accurate They want the new operator to get the best of the deal. COMMON SENSE

There is an operator from Canada that is trying to help but I think we are just to small in numbers and we can be replaced like
a counter person.

Best of luck to all on this thread and to the MCD person montering this site DONT YOU HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO?
I am certain you are a good *** KISSER.

Need to go check my VOICE scores

One more last point. If you want a few laughs call the new office and see how many prompts you have to go thru to get a live
person OPERATOR FOCUSED. cannot even get you on the phone

OFF. What are the hours at the office for the Labor Day holiday? Friday close at noon and off till Tuesday Betting that
is happening. ANY TAKERS (Except for the person montering this site - might have to work till 5:00 Friday

Richard Adams said...

From the BBV2020 Commitment Letter (June 2017) - "Quite simply, the financial health of McDonald's Owner-Operators has never been better. Owner-Operators are enjoying record cash flows, record equity values, record gross margins and unprecedented borrowing capacity".

Anonymous said...

Rays system is DEAD folks. Steve and CK are charlatans who only care about stock price.Thompson too. Id sell but who wants to buy the TITANIC??? PARTNERS??? ROFLMAOPIMP

Anonymous said...

Record Cash Flows? HARDLY
The end is near

Anonymous said...

If operators are paying for all this reinvestment with debt the end is certainly near. A five per cent increase is nothing after debt service and the rent and service fee's. It seems to me that the business at the store level has long passed the understanding of the company. Regional staff's are just goofy when trying to talk about the business. They just think they know more than they do. It's good that they are cleaning out long term senior people. The last two regional managers in my region had near 40 years with the company and cared less about the operators or the market. They were only interested in their next raise and their next network meeting and party. The leadership in this new structure are confused and little support. This could be an opportunity for the operators.