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August 22, 2018

Apparently the Person Running the McDonald's Twitter Account Has No Idea How Things Work at McDonald's

I wish McDonald’s did sweet potato fries🍟
Hey there, Millie! Thanks for reaching out! Menu items vary by restaurant and/or franchisee. Let your favorite store know you want Sweet Potato Fries on the menu!


Anonymous said...

Check it out. Dunkin’ Donuts removed low velocity and complex items from their menu and lost 1% in sales. And they feel it is temporary. And the crew is happier and more engaged, Service is faster. And restaurant cost dropped 1% with lower labor and efficiencies. Smart company to know that if we keep complicating kitchens it’s not sustainable. I guess common sense is not gone like I thought it was. Executives looking at the long term picture of improving the operations of the restaurant and not the short term goal of putting news out to inflate the stock price. They are building the business up from the inside out. Versus us making the restaurants look shiny and complicating our kitchens to make them worse. Looks like we got rid of the wrong executive (Hoffman is former McD guy).

Anonymous said...

Article says Dunkin averages 20-25% returns. Where can I sign up!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...An unbelievable Twitter response!

"Menu items vary by franchisee" are you kidding me. "Let your favorite store know" Millie is letting McD's corporation know. We as franchisees have no way to filter customer feedback up and McD's folks they do not believe me anyway when I tell them customer feedback. McD's twitter response should have directed Millie to 1-800 or thank her for her feedback. Or maybe I will just start to selling sweet potato fries and reference this McD's Corp tweet!

Anonymous said...

Ops need to email the Leadership chain and ask where to order. :)