August 8, 2018

Just What World Needs - A More Labor Intensive McDonald's

McDonald's Kiosks Mean More Staff at Chicago Flagship, Not Fewer


Anonymous said...

Operator cash flow is WAY down. McDonald’s won’t address the labor shortage. We have an overly complicated production and service system.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 stores on kiosk and my labor is up about 1%

So you need 3 service people. 1 counter 1 kiosk and 1 to deliver the order. Cannot eliminate any of the three

Our co-op like many is in a labor shortage and I do not see any improvement moving forward

MCD knows the same thing. One recent memo said PEOPLE are out #1 concern Everyone agrees with that statement
but it’s not 10 or 20 years ago. I would bet most stores had apps just waiting to be called. We were more selective
years ago, now we hire someone that we would not of and we might not fire someone that we should of. (Sorry to put
that sentenance in there but because of the shortage of people now we are just trying to keep our heads above water.
MANAGERS are also an issue, out turnover has never been so high and the bench we had for replacement is gone
My stores are not running like they did years ago, and like MCD says it’s people. MAYBE ITS ME LOOK IN THE MIRROR

lastly, I stop at other MCD to see what’s happening-I see the same thing with them. Lines and short staffed. Spending
500K on a MRP is not the answer, because once you reopen you are still short staffed and your business consultant is
asking you why you are understaffed

I cannot leave now I have to much debt and I do not see a change any time soon

Sorry for the rant but I think there are 100’s of me out there because I talk with a lot of operators. They will tell you
the same story

BOTTOM LINE staffing will not get better - we need to work on retention and that is another 4-5 paragraphs

Have to go meeting my new MCD partner in 20 minutes. That should be a trip

Anonymous said...

The only business with kiosks where we have to show customers how to use them, do not take cash for a cash business making customers go back in line, takes ten steps to order a coffee with two creams. No accountability in McD's IT/Tech department they should all be terminated, have outside vendors submit RFPs for kiosks.

Kiosks will be obsolete in another 5 years no one will use them, they will either use mobile ordering or go to a register; the people that go to the register were never going to use a kiosk. I always wonder why Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, BK, Wendy's, JIB, Taco Bell etc. etc. do not use Kiosks, franchisees investing millions in an obsolete, worst in category technology. I have no problem that we tried it, found out it does not work well in our restaurant environment where is the NLC to pull the plug?

Anonymous said...

Looks like an Apple store.

Anonymous said...

Might look like an Apple store and cost just as much but Apple does not sell their products at $1 and discount them ever to cheapen the commodity.

Richard Adams said...

But then Apple is still a growth company - McDonald's is not.