Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 23, 2018

A Lobbying Opportunity

Susan Kezios, President of the American Franchisee Association has asked us to make franchisees aware of some interesting legislative activity that may impact franchisees.

A Federal program called EB-5 was initially created by Congress on 1990 but is up for 
renewal in September. The EB-5 program allows well capitalized immigrants to invest in
the United States and eventually receive permanent resident status.

Small business and franchises have had access to this capital but with this renewal large 
real estate developers are leaning on Congressional representatives to delete the small 
business and franchise language.

The AFA is asking franchises in Iowa, Kentucky, and Texas to flood their Senators' offices 
with phone calls and E-mails supporting the continued inclusion of "small business and franchise" language in the renewal of EB-5.

If anyone is interested in more information I have a package I can send you by E-mail.

Meanwhile, McDonald's Operators in the above three states might consider contacting 
their Senators.

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Anonymous said...

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner decided in late July he won’t be giving any more money to millionaire Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson’s charitable foundation, and the African-American businessman decided he’s tired of white people telling him how to spend his money.

“I was raised in the South Jim Crow days,” Wilson said. “I’m just tired of white people telling me what to do. It was with my own money, all right, I didn’t use taxpayer dollars.”

Wilson, who owns several McDonald’s franchises in the Chicago area, along with the Omar Medical Supplies company, also produces a nationally syndicated gospel music TV program, Singsation.

Wilson, a Democrat, is running for mayor of Chicago for the second time. Wilson ran against Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2015, and lost. Wilson ran for president in 2016 as a Democrat and was the first presidential candidate, Democrat or Republican, to buy ads in Iowa for that election.

At the core of this conflict is a South Side Chicago church event — attended by both men — at which Wilson was handing out cash and checks to parishioners. “We’re honored to help you pay your property taxes,”