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August 28, 2018

Featured Comment of the Day

Anonymous said...
Let do a quick review, Chris K., like all good snake oil salesmen sold us a plan that “WE” all knew in our hearts wouldn’t work. Regional Leadership pressured us to signing under duress on the bottom line the “Letter” that would become our undoing. Gladly many of these Corporate stooges have learned how important they were to the system when they were shown the door. Now we are in the “Save Chris” times, as with the movie Ferris Buller from the same city we are being lied to everyday. Our car has been stolen and the garage attendants that run this company they are running up the miles on our business each day destroying the value of a business that we depend upon. The “Millennial Force” that attend daycare at MHQ each day have no knowledge of our history, our founder or our business and would never tell their peers what company pays their salaries. These blue hair geniuses walk around the West Loop believing in “Change” because Chris & Steve tell them they are part of a movement to change the world. Ever heard of a cult? They think how they are told to think.

Leadership collectively believe that owners are idiots, and honestly why would they not? Sadly things are going to have to get worse before they get better. Individually folks are scared to speak their minds in fear of reprisals from?? They aren’t even sure who does what but I digress. Until operators decide that this is our business and leadership are just temporary in position for the stock market we will continue to be bullied. Ray said “None of Us is a Good as All of Us”. We owe it to Ourselves and Ray to fight the good fight to preserve the brand that we all owe our livelihoods to each day. I am starting to see waves of courage from individual markets voting down the latest wave of OPNAD entitlement. Travis has sold us out to corporate and Chris continues to push the edges of control. Like any good dictator he has eliminated any dissenters from his ranks and is pushing for total control by trying to empower the OPNAD body to have total control. Don’t be fooled by the “More Nimble” propaganda, its all about total control to “Save Chris”. Make sure you stay strong and tell OPNAD NO!
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Anonymous said...

This letter, and comments therein, could have been written 15-20 years ago. And it was. And they were. Nothing has changed. Back to the future stuff.

Richard Adams said...

Yes, much of that letter could have been written 15-20 years ago but a lot has changed and I think the writer points it out in several places.

Before, when McDonald's was being run by an accountant with no operational background
or a USA president. who was new-to-the-company and a know-nothing the company had a deep
bench of operations veterans who kept the burger machine running. Many, if not most, of those veterans are gone to be replaced by, as the writer says:

* garage attendants

* The “Millennial Force” that attend daycare at MHQ each day have no knowledge of our
history, our founder or our business

* These blue hair geniuses walk around the West Loop believing in “Change”

The future is one big experiment. Can McDonald's USA thrive when McDonald's Operators are the only people involved who understand the restaurant business?

Anonymous said...

Easy to blame to the company, Chris K etc. etc. but all this BBV 2020 is NLC endorsed and operator driven write your NLC, OPNAD rep etc. and see what kind of response you get.

Anonymous said...

I wrote them before, during and after the Gallery walk thru. Basically got No response, doubt we will make any changes unless someone calls for civil disobedience.

Richard Adams said...

Civil Disobedience is the only thing that's ever worked.