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October 5, 2016

QSR Magazine's Latest Drive-Thru Survey

McDonald's was not the fastest but beat the 226.30 sec average. That's not bad considering that, other than Chick-fil-A, the typical McDonald's DT serves two to three times the customers than these other chains.

Overall survey results are HERE
Chainsort descendingAverage Time (in seconds)
Burger King201.18
Carl's Jr.268.89
Dunkin' Donuts181.03
Panera Bread267.90
Pollo Tropical231.23
Taco Bell220.11
Taco Cabana240.73

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It does not seem like it would matter serving more customers or the sales volume of the chain. It seems the timing is done from the order point till they receive the food, which is a good since that is mostly controllable by the restaurant to a certain extent. If they timed total line time then that would penalize higher volume chains that serve more customers. Just as McD's looks at total line time 5min it does matter if your a restaurant is doing $4.5mil serving 175 cars or $1.5mil serving 20 cars an hr. the higher volume gets penalized for building a better business. McD's also has 90sec diagnostic from order point to receiving food it is funny it is 208sec on average that should be the starting point for improvement not 90sec.