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October 12, 2016

Only One in Five Millennials Has Ever Tried the Big Mac?

This is rubbish. Four out of five millennials have NEVER eaten a Big Mac? 

A complete fabrication.

I have two millennial children in their mid-20s and over the years they've been my in-house focus group on everything from Happy Meals, McCafe, Angus, etc. In the process they've 
eaten many, many Big Macs. During his football years my son ate Big Macs two at a time. 
If she could, my daughter would put Big Mac sauce on every sandwich.

When we feed groups of their millennial friends it's either pizza or multiple bags of Big Macs.

I'm sure there are millennial food snobs in New York City or Chicago who have never eaten
a Big Mac but I'd bet the ratio is the reverse. Maybe one in five millennials have never eaten
a Big Mac, but not the majority. 

Most of what we hear about marketing to millennials is distorted because - well - it's written
or spoken by millennials.

Why the McDonald's Big Mac is America's burger - Business Insider


Anonymous said...

This is a problem millenniums view of McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the Big Mac.

But they sure bought McDoubles and Double cheese

And the dollar menu AMAZING

Why buy a Mac for 4.00 when you can get 3 McDoubles for less than 4.00?

Whose fault is that McDonalds? The operator? or leadership?

I am sure it will be our fault at the end of he day.

Richard Adams said...

Spot on.
The Millennial generation is considered to be those born after 1980. That means the first millennials were out on their own and handling their own money in the late 1990s. By that time McDonald's Corp. had become addicted to discounting and launched the Dollar Menu in 2002. So, you make a great point, frugal millennials may occasionally splurge on a $4.00 or $5.00 Big Mac but grew up choosing a bag full of sandwiches for the same price.