Coalition of Franchisee Associations

October 17, 2016

OPNAD at Two Percent ?

From time to time we like to have some fun arguing about whether McDonald's Operators 
are obligated to belong to OPNAD and if the pledge card is a real contract or just a 50 year 
old bluff.

Now I hear a rumor that during September's meeting OPNAD discussed increasing the 2017
contribution rate to 2.00%. 

First, congratulations to OPNAD on keeping the rate at 1.60%. But, as I understand it, 2017 
is the second year of the current pledge period.

If the OPNAD pledge card is a "contract" signed by individual McDonald's Operators how
can a group of their peers even discuss changing the terms of that contract? Wouldn't that require all new pledge cards with new terms?

Of course, I haven't seen an OPNAD pledge card in a few years. Do the 2016/2017 pledge 
cards say "as OPNAD will determine from time to time" in reference to the percentage 
of sales pledged?

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