October 20, 2016

CBS News on ADB and Operator Survey

“We are discounting almost everything,” said one respondent to the Nomura survey 
whose name wasn’t disclosed. “It is all about top-line sales, not running profitable 
restaurants. That’s why operators need several restaurants today, as the return on 
their investment dwindles.”

What McDonald's needs: A follow-up to all-day breakfast - CBS News


Anonymous said...

Running multiple unprofitable stores does not improve profitability.

Dan said...

Object to all discounting at the co-op level. tell your OpNAD reps. not to support discounting.

Anonymous said...

Our co-op rejected the proposal to discount small coffee. We agreed we would do it if OPNAD passed it. They are coming on strong about "guest Counts" and descretely suggesting that lower prices and discounting is the proper path to increasing "guest counts". I think we should focus more on our food in ad's drop all of the Politi
cal correctness in our advertising and hammer home the quality of our food and make food the star of our advertising. I think that micro waving our biscuits is stupid. It, to me, alters the taste and texiture resulting in what I call rubber biscuits. How does that help "Guest Counts"?

Anonymous said...

McD wins when discounted guest counts rise.....WE LOSE

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is anything not to like when average check increases and guest counts drop.