October 17, 2016

McDonald's Operator Comment of the Day

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WSJ: Karen King "Retiring"": 

"MCD has never explained what they want to be or look like after all of these changes have

been completed. We know that technology will play a much larger role at the store level and 
in Chicago. But, no one knows what that means in terms of cost and operations. I hate to see 
Karen King leave but downsizing in general is a good thing, IMO. MCD has become too fat 
and sloppy and the employee's have been running the company more for the benefit of the 
employee's for far too long. Refranchising 4000 stores will make a huge difference. Many of 
those stores will require massive reinvestment. However, at some point the system needs to
become focused on selling our food and not just making changes. When I say selling food 
I'm not talking about selling discounted food. I understand that regional managers will begin 
meeting with individual operators to ask for support for the beverage program against co-op 
leadership recommendations. The co-ops need to stay united. "

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