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October 23, 2016

Management Promises Wall Street More Discounting

From the call transcript:
"Earlier this quarter, I spent some time in Phoenix and Scottsdale in Arizona, and then went
up to Portland in Oregon, and one common success factor in both those regions, both of them are the strongest sales regions we have in the U.S. currently, and what was also particularly successful there was they were complementing local beverage value alongside the McPick 2 platform alongside fundamentals of running better restaurants. So, there are these pockets 
of great success that we’re looking to lift and localize and then launch rapidly."


Anonymous said...

Let me interrupt what he is saying; "We cannot and do not know how to get full price for our food or drink products so the only way we can generate sales is by discounting our products". Therein lies many of the problems with McDonald's and should be the CEO's top priority in building teams that can resolve those issues.

All we ever hear is discount and price point is to get customers in your door then trade them up. Ask yourself how often and what percent trade up and at your next co-op meeting when they bring that up ask to see the trade up projections or results, it seems they never have them "but we'll get back to you on that"

Anonymous said...

Focus on profits. We lose a lot of profits trying in increase TCs and same store sales for the benefit of Oak Brook or should I say Chicago.