July 30, 2015

Wrecking Ball Still Swinging at Logan's

Earlier this year we pointed to an NRN article about how messed up Logan's Roadhouse
was after Mike Andres left them to return to McDonald's. Apparently the damage was so
severe that the chain is still struggling.

Our previous post on the topic is HERE 

Logan's Roadhouse current results are HERE


Anonymous said...

Once again poor operations and too much debt is a sure formula for failure in this business. This is exactly what MCD is dealing with. Operations has suffered from having too many products forced on the stores by the company. Debt on the stores is outrageously high again due to pressure from the company. There is no question that the company just no longer "gets it". Too many stores in close proximity to each other has brought average volumes down. Are we just stupid or what???

Anonymous said...

Who's next? Mike Quinlin and Ed Rensi, as we travel "back to the future".

Anonymous said...

Anyone who's actually been an employer knows you never rehire people especially if they left to work for a competitor. Sure if someone goes off to school or goes into military service they could be rehired (I think that was Skinner's career path with mcd). But rehire top executives? That shows a lack of sofistication on the part of the board of directors

Anonymous said...

The Board has no one to turn to because they let the famed "deep Bench" of qualified Executives leave because competency became no longer a qualification to be promoted into top management. Implimenting "Diversity" was/is the priority. They could learn everything they needed to know while on the job. The Board of Directors and Top Management believed that being "politically correct" was more important than being profitable. In my opinion, that is a fact. Thus, they have no one to turn to but retreads or to gamble on someone with no proven ability in this industry. It doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong about this. What matters is how do we fix a corporate culture that has put the company in this position. I think it get taken down to "skin and bones" and rebuild it from the ground up. Get rid of useless programs and people. Take those cost savings and direct it to the customers and products. Close every marginal store. Close more regions. Go back to basics.