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July 28, 2015

McCashing In

On July 24 McDonald's President of High Growth Markets David Hoffman sold 979
shares of McDonald's Corp. at $96.34 = $94,316.00


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised theres not more corporate people McCashing in since based on on my customer counts the stock price can't stay this high much longer.

Anonymous said...

The company is buying its investors with unjustified dividends. This can't go on for long. If they can't turn sales around and help the operators with their debt issues the future is certainly bleak.

Anonymous said...

Rats fleeing a sinking ship. If all day breakfast flouners, the stocks gonna tank

Anonymous said...

If ADB fails as operators we will be left with operational costs of serving the expanded menu all day and it is something that will be very hard to undo or stop. They will exercise their options cash out and live happily ever after and we will be left with operational nightmare and higher operating costs. ADB the train has left the station (as they like to say) it is a done deal coming soon to your co-op they have already geared up the suppliers.

Richard Adams said...

Yes this is a done deal and once it's out there and if it needs to be pulled back it will take the next Oak Brook management team to do so. So far this team has admitted to some problems in the McDonald's system but those admissions have been limited to problems created by previous leaderships. As they implement changes of their own they will not be able to admit to any failures. Everything will work, no matter what's happening in the restaurants. Just like MFY and espresso coffee drinks.