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July 13, 2015

McDonald's Breakfast All Day - a "Test"?

I am told the notes from the June NLC meeting refer to "Breakfast All Day" as a "test".

Sorry folks, Breakfast All Day is not a test, it' s a done deal. As your expert in watching McDonald's Corp. interact with Wall Street and the business media I can assure every

one that Oak Brook will not allow this "test" to fail.

Knowing nothing about operations, Wall Street analysts have been beating on McDonald's
management for years to consider breakfast all day. This is a reaction to the McSpin that
even in periods of slow sales growth, McDonald's breakfast sales hold up.

It all comes down to Steve Easterbrook: knowing nothing about operations, does he want 

to be the CEO who just couldn't make breakfast all day happen. Or will he want to be the  CEO who made breakfast all day work for the first time in McDonald's history?

You do the math.

Look for a public announcement in January saying that breakfast all day is to become 

the national standard (possibly announced in October).


Anonymous said...

This Train has left the building (Breakfast All Day or "BAD" for short. It is not so much about The CEO as The U.S. President. He has nothing to turn sales around. This will be his one and only shot. He does not have to get to positive numbers just less Bleeding. If not we will be looking at our next U.S. president by April or May of 2016.

The biggest problem with the current leadership is they think they can do everything without the Operators help. They also have cut long term leaders that might have been valuable to them and kept marginal players as Zone managers. If we come out of this it will be 2018 not 2015, 2016 or 2017 due to the miss steps of leadership along the way. It will take at least a New President and 24 months to repair the relationship issues with operators.

MLM will be in 2 weeks - I wonder what weak Marketing we will see this year. Certainly More Lovin was a Bust. I Do Not look for Debra Whal to be with McDonald's much longer than another 9 months. After all we are pulling Negitives over Negitives over Negitives. Seems like we are getting the volumes down where someone could handle it.

Anonymous said...

The kitchens are already too complicated and over burdened. If they want to do Breakfast All Day, we need to CUT 25% of our bloated menu items. Sadly, I see no hint of the Corp or the Operator Leadership being willing to make the hard choices.

Bringing back several top execs who were either fired or quit was a BIG mistake, and Andy McKenna and the Board of directors need a massive overhaul. Add to that the fact that the Corp cares more about stockholders than it does about operators, and our future looks GRIM.