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July 29, 2015

What Was That CEO Thinking? - Nick Morgan

Reviewing the transcript of the conference call brings back memories of the McDonald's 
CEO's much hyped video presentation on May 4th. Nick Morgan is a renowned public speaking consultant and for those interested in verbal communications his writings and 
blogging are illuminating. Those interested in improving their public speaking can't go
wrong following Nick Morgan.

Nick's website is HERE

His McDonald's post - What Was That CEO Thinking? - Public Words


Anonymous said...

There is no question about it that he is too scripted. He has people writing those presentations and they are very likely incompetent and new to their job. A regional manager told me that it will be a big hurtle with the U.S.operators because he is not American and it will be hard for us to get use to it. This is how they look at things .. Bull Shit, we don't care where he's from or what color he is as long as he is competent. My opinion is that this speech is typical of the corporate culture trying to manage his image and say things us stupid operators want to hear. He said he is going to reduce staff. His office and the people around him would be a good place to start. It is not what he says that is important it is what he does which hasn't been much. If he stood up and said we are cutting MCD staff nationwide by ten percent he would get a standing ovation. If he said we are going to put our customers, operators and suppliers first he would get a standing ovation. If he said we want the co-ops to take thirty days and simplify their menus and do whatever it takes to please more customers and sell more product he would get a standing ovation. If he said we are going to work with our banks and the operators to restructure their debt to increase cash flow he would get a standing ovation. But, no his people want him to speak in worn out platitudes that communicate nothing to anyone in business. He was talking to his own mid management people who probably thought he was a genius after this speech. Oak Brook is so out of touch with the business it is embarrassing. Cut staff by twenty per cent!!

Anonymous said...

In the video’s first 15 seconds, Easterbrook boasts McDonalds has “more firepower” than any other restaurant in the world. Given recent events, I would avoid that analogy.

Easterbrook’s bio identifies his strengths as “finance, operations, and supply chain.” On his appointment in 2013, he declared, “I look forward to engaging customers in new brand experiences while driving the business.” He sounds like he spends too much time in boardrooms and not enough time rubbing shoulders with everyday customers–customers who would remind him they aren’t looking for new brand experiences. They’re looking for fast food served hot and cheap, and don’t skimp on the fries.

“We will execute at a higher cadence.” There aren’t enough roll eyes in the galaxy for that nugget.

The good news? He actually blinked. Twice. The first comes at the 20:30 mark.

Anonymous said...

More proof that Easterbrook & Co only care about stockholders, not restaurants or operators !

Richard Adams said...

Nick on using a teleprompter - "when you read you use your frontal lobe, the place where lists are made. When you converse, you use your “lizard brain,” the deeper parts of the brain where memory and emotion reside. So conversations connect, and lists bore. Very few people are able to read with emotion and bring it to life in the same way as conversing."

Anonymous said...

He's thinking about he's actually going to succeed shoving All Day Breakfast down the Operators throats.