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July 20, 2015

Let's Get the Straight Numbers

We've discussed how QSR Operators are being oversold on the size and importance of 
the Millennial Generation - mostly oversold by millennial writers, millennial corporate 
people, and millennials working in advertising and public relations.

In the same manner ... I'm told that the McDonald's Operator website contains this statistic:

"Approximately 6 - 7% of adults report to be LGBT", the site goes on to extrapolate those percentages into millions of people and billions in retail sales.

Trouble is - a recent Gallup Poll (May 2015) reports that only 3.8% of the population 

identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Now, the difference is not huge but it's not legitimate to nearly double a segment of the population just to make a political point. 

The Gallup report is HERE



Richard Adams said...

To be clear, the article's main theme is that Americans are of the opinion that 23% of the population is gay or lesbian but Gallup stands behind their 3.8% number.

Anonymous said...

That's 9.3 million adults over 18. People were asked at a gay pride parade in San Diego recently and the numbers they estimated were much higher: 30=50% range. Hollywood and the mainstream media are having a very strong impact on what people perceive regarding this issue and it sometimes translates into unfortunate political decisions. It's propaganda at its best. Modern and Progressive.

Anonymous said...

Must be why we now have a LGBT oerator group sanctioned by corp called PRIDE ew

Anonymous said...

I don't think the 3.8% who responded as "openly gay" in a Gallup survey is indicative of the entire population of homosexuals living in the United States. Clearly, the methodology does not take in to account the large number of people who still are closeted or others who simply would not share such personal information to some telemarketer claiming to be Gallup over the phone.

Anonymous said...

That's why all polls include a margin of error. But Gallup, overall, is pretty accurate in social polling numbers.

Anonymous said...

There would also be people who would tell the pollster they are gay just to be funny or in an effort to be politically correct. Like the Seinfeld episode "Not that there's anything wrong with that".

Anonymous said...

The margin of error for this poll is +/- 4% and the sample size of respondents is approx. a 1000. Problem solved, the 6-7% that was quoted is well within the margin of error of this latest poll. As for those who think homosexuals are as evil as the corp, you can sleep easier with the statistical possibility that there may actually be no gays at all. Can we now focus back on business and not what people do in the bedroom?