July 24, 2015

Technomic On Delivery Service

The trend toward delivery of QSR meals is going to be interesting. Isn't this the first time 
there has been a third party in between the QSR Operator and the customer? Who is ultimately responsible for customer satisfaction?

If the restaurant is part of a franchised chain who deals with customer satisfaction issues? 

Especially when the franchisor has something to do with selecting or managing the outside 
delivery service. When a customer calls the corporate office or complains on a feedback 
website about food quality or order accuracy who who's responsible, the franchisee or the 
delivery service?

The franchised restaurant business is supposed to be about control and consistency. A lot of 

that goes out the window when an Operator hands an order to Joe from Acme Delivery service.

 Technomic - Delivery Service Trials

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