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July 1, 2022

Wall Street Journal on Demise of McDonald's $1.00 Drink


"McDonald’s owners from restaurants ranging from Chicago to Tennessee have boosted the prices for drinks by several dimes or are set to shortly. Out of McDonald’s 56 U.S. markets, 16 restaurant coops voted to advertise the company’s value menu rather than dollar drinks, allowing them to move away from them, according to people familiar with the discussions." - WSJ

SA - MCD $1.00 drinks may be inflation casualty


Anonymous said...

Its only happening in a few areas. In spite of record food costs, and mandated plastic cups which cost 4x more than paper, the vast majority of coops, like good little lemmings, voted to keep dollar any size drinks.

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how operators vote in self defeating promos like $1 ASD, GMA (controlled by corp), and the entire OPNAD calendar.

Lemmings indeed!

Anonymous said...

16 out of 56 is only 28%. The rest of coops caved to Mcd

Richard Adams said...

Yes, but in McDonald's isn't 28% a revolution?

Anonymous said...

Everyone claims operators approved. But has anyone ever really seen the tally? Is the COOP votes ever posted? Everyone I meet states they voted NO. Yet, the field vote always passes with overwhelming results.

How is it operators cant use 3rd party voting to control OPERATOR COOP voting under their state rules for corporations?

Just asking?!