Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 24, 2022


Tampa - A scan of this blog over the past weeks would indicate there are folks posting here that know something about the terms and conditions of the pending Tampa/ Casper sale. That's not true; no one posting here knows anything.

And they shouldn't. As big as such a deal is, it's still private and should remain so in perpetuity.

Some information on the transaction may be disclosed in future McDonald's corporate reports but it will be less than satisfying.

The number of U.S. A. Owner/Operators - When McDonald's Corp. states the number of USA Owner/Operators the numbers always seem to vary. As anonymous has already pointed out, it depends on how one counts the extended generations. I found this challenging when publishing hard copy, and mailed newsletters. Why mail four identical newsletters to one office address?

This gives corporate the ability to minimize the importance of the MOA and other Owner/Operator groups by overstating the USA total yet use the smaller number when it's to their advantage. The only thing McDonald's Owners/Operators can do is to pick a realistic number and stick with it.

This kind of inside baseball detail is very difficult to explain to a reporter.

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