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July 20, 2022

A Tail of Two McSurveys

Kalinowski survey and NOA survey are featured by NRN


Anonymous said...

My next gen daughter attended the "Gen M Summit" a while back. What is going on today is simply the culmination of that event. It was a thinly veiled attempt to sow discord between parents and their children, and to "control" the impressionable, inexperienced next gens. The purpose, after a whirlwind tour of MHQ meant to awe and impress them, was to:

To intimidate next gens , at the height of the discord between Owners/NFLA and our Franchisor, and to put fear into their parents.

To intimidate and frighten next gens into encouraging their parents to get out of the business. The company half heartedly complimented the parents on the past performances, but clearly insinuated that time had passed the parents by, and they should step aside to make way for the new generation.

The " 10 Takeaways From the Generation M Summit" (available on are pure propaganda, and clearly are meant to influence and intimidate. For example, point 4 of the meeting takeaways says, "We respect the hard work that our parents and grandparents put in to build this business-and we will do them proud. But, it will be OUR WAY -which may not necessarily match theirs. We can give credit where credit is due, but there is no such thing as a self made millionaire."

As a female operator with a decade of experience who has worked in the past as a McOpCo employee, this "summit" absolutely did not respect the owner leg of the three legged stool. It was pure propaganda meant to influence and control. We are seeing even more of this manipulation today with the new Franchising policy.

In summation, this did nothing but sow family discord and was a blatant attempt to influence, control, and dominate the next gens. My family was a victim of intimidation and harassment instigated by the company. I can not sign this, but present it anonymously , because to reveal my identity would subject me , and my next gen, to retaliation and harassments by corporate.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for wondering out loud in a long reaction about today's news that caught me by such surprise. So today's email announces that our founder of the NOA has sold his 70, 80 or so restaurants to the company?

My first thought was gratitude for Blake's courage to start the independent voice for Owners being pushed around by a new management team that thought they could steamroll over the US Owners like they do internationally with ease, Easterbrook's training ground. What they failed to realize is that US Owners helped found the success model that the international field just inherited.No wonder he (Easterbrook),the man who will ultimately be responsible for the demise of our leadership, recruited non-restaurant experienced execs like Chris K and so many more, including those on our board of directors that have NO restaurant experience. Where is the board and how attached are they to the very mismanagement they help cover up, after fumbling issues like the Easterbrook dismissal, and continuing management errors (billion-dollar fines, etc) that show up only in repeated headlines, but never in accountability actions? The rumor mill overflows with so much more than the public reasons that Easterbrook was sent packing for, as Chris K and their cronies continued his hidden agenda as if they were corporate raiders, suckering Wall Street into an artificial stock price as they grew rich simultaneously with the shareholders kept happy while pushing all costs on to the unsuspecting owners and suppliers.

All the time while NFLA called the 2022 plan or collaboration around it a lie as there was no collaboration, I thought about PACE, or the new delivery plans more complicated than a Suko puzzle, the kicker was listening to lame, passive excuses repeatedly about why owner leadership wasnt speaking up. Even the US leadership team looked more like they were hiding andagreeing with Chris K’s temperamental outbursts, he is good for at least once a call or meeting, or snide remarks about Owners that he continues to take to extremes while escorting the best out the back door. Has NFLA done anything more than taking a survey on PACE and telling us what we knew before, it is already a disaster for our people, and we're losing great people who can make the same anywhere without the stress so ill-timed?

I thank NBMOA for continuously showing their courage with the recent vote of no confidence. Thanks, and like so many others we will anxiously await hopefully renewed courage from the groups we paid dues to represent our outrage by sharing the NOA and NFLA and NBMOA Survey Results and on the vote of no confidence for the US management. (WON??)

If the Mcd board doesn't see the injustices and damage that their appointed leaders are creating, once they look at the owners who run 95% or more of the restaurants lack of confidence in the new surveys, they should be the subject of non-stop targeting. Otherwise, the Board's legacy will be turning America's once most favorite brand, into an unattractive investment for ANY EXISTING OR NEW OWNERS when they see all the votes, and ideally wake up long enough to see what is happening on their broken watch.

Thank you again to Blake for starting NOA, We look forward to your parting words of guidance as you leave your fellow owners at this time

Anonymous said...

Only one way to wake up the McD Board- the stock price must drop!

Do all you can to save your own life.
End money losing 24 hour operations. (only benefits McD to be open-you LOSE $$$)
Trim opening and closing hours that are not profitable and self sustaining.
Close on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
STOP going to McD meetings.
Document closely all the screw ups from our outside,untrained "inspectors"
END dollar drinks- NONE of our competition do it!
STOP supporting Discounting
STOP supporting OPNAD


Any other suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Dont let the company blame you for current conditions!
Convenience store chain 7-Eleven laid off 880 corporate workers in Texas and Ohio, following its purchase of a rival chain, a company spokesperson said in an email. Ford is planning to cut 8,000 positions in the coming weeks, Bloomberg News reported. Meanwhile, electric carmaker Rivian is cutting 700 positions, delivery start-up Gopuff is laying off 1,500, and mortgage lender LoanDepot is slashing 4,800 jobs this year, according to reports.

Its nationwide folks
You get what you vote for...

Anonymous said...

EVERY operator should mail a copy of the surveys (anonymously) to the MCD Board of Directors. If you no longer have your copy, simply write “I support the Survey”. Mail to: McDonalds Corp- Board of Directors, 110 N Carpenter St, Chicago, Illinois, 60607. Attn:Secretary-Board of Directors.