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July 10, 2022

ESG is for Losers

On June 4 I wrote this, "The rest of this year will be very politically charged and when the mid-term elections are over the corporate types will be embarrassed to mutter the words "Environmental, Social, and Governance".

It's starting already and none other than the Wall Street Journal says so:

The Many Reasons ESG is a Loser - free side


Richard Adams said...

Previously Anonymous said...
"we do not need an investigation or any one outside. we need only to talk to wall st analysts and tell our story. they will cal Blake directly"


Other than a minor interest in some claw-back money investors and analysts are not interested in stopping the world to investigate the Easterbroke events. It's a black mark on the BOD's record but after nearly three years it's ancient history.

Anonymous said...

Im sure Blakes NDA prevents him from saying anything, even if he did know something

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Everyone loves a scandal. Call it, “the monopoly men of McDonald’s” Easterbrook was trailed by private investigators and was often cited for having his shirt off on the company’s new bar/patio downtown Chicago. Who would have thought his shirt being off would have contributed to zone presidents.