Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 23, 2022



Anonymous said...

We don’t have enough power as it is right now, and we are going to add 2-5 million electric cars to charge? Beyond stupid. Here come rolling blackouts

Richard Adams said...

Imagine when everyone in the USA gets home from work, plugs their EVs into their chargers, turns on the electric stove (gas feed to the home is soon to be outlawed), your computer senses you're home and turns on the A/C and you turn on all of your other devices. Hopefully, your phone is charged so you can call your local McDonald's to see if they have power.

Richard Adams said...

This may seem off topic but the feds want there to be 500,000 public chargers available by the end of the decade. This means they'll want them in the most public places, like in front of QSR restaurants. Meanwhile, many restaurant companies are rethinking future units with less parking and more drive-thrus, more curbside, and less dining room space (if any).

Can a smaller building on a smaller lot with several dedicated spaces that will never be used make any sense? It will make a lot of sense to "green" corporate executives who just want to be "Woke".