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July 27, 2022

McCEO Claims Majority of Franchisees are Substandard

Says lower-performing operators are the most concerned about upcoming changes


Anonymous said...

Yep. 70 years of successful franchising…. The most successful franchising system. And our Harvard Grad CEO wants to “fix it”. There have been so many great operators leave the system over the last 5 years… it’s sad.

Anonymous said...

How many second generation kids are going to suffer and not get their parents stores because Chris K wants to be more "WOKE"?

Richard Adams said...

This is about more than CK being Woke. As we've discussed, before he came along the McDonald's system had a stellar record on diversity. He ignored that history and did a lot of damage with his down-sizeing efforts.
What we see today is an effort to erase those mistakes from his resume by spending billions of shareholders $$$ and reinventing McDonald's.
If he gets his way McDonald's will be positioned as a company that was a bigoted operation for sixty years until Chris K. wandered in off the street and fixed the corporate culture.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We need a "PAUSE TWO"

What if they had a meeting and nobody came?

Anonymous said...

There are truly no words to describe the state of our franchisor. This is like a bad play in summer theater. We've never seen anything like this in the history of our company. This has to end! I pray people truly understand what's at stake? We're this close to losing it all...

Anonymous said...

just when you thought you heard the most degrading words since he started
this cones along

I have been with MCD before he was even born - hundreds of us are there as well

VEGAS - I am done - rather get a root canal


this from the company that gave us EASTERBROOK
had millions of dollars given to people lawsuits in
CALIFORNIA & FLORIDA. - what about the 55-60 black operator suing MCD
another owner on the east coast suing for age descrimatiom

that is all I could think of in this short amount of time

RICHARD how about if someone from NOA lists them


Anonymous said...

I have 2 children 7&5. If they said anything like this about their friends they would be grounded

what the hell are his kids like

better than the world?

great comments - a collage education gets you this?

My employees do not talk like this - well at least 80% of them

what a discredit to the operators that built this SYSTEM & the current ones that put their money on the line each day

No other words can show my anger

if I did have sone RICHARD would ******* them out






sure others can think of more !!!!!!!!

tried to be a little polite - could of done way worse 😀😀

Anonymous said...

Chris K is so clueless every time he speaks his incompetence comes out, Joe E is not far behind the culture within top management really needs to change where Franchisees are valued but you look downstream under Chris and the bench is all the same players using the same playbook.

Anonymous said...

WHY go to their meetings?
They dont listen to us, they DICTATE to us.
Boycott VEGAS

Anonymous said...

Let's all go Vegas, with all of our Middle Management. When Chris K and or his little creeper Joe E start to speak, we all get up and leave. Do this with a bunch of Finance Journalists invited to share in our defiance to these two idiots. As a matter in fact invite the dumb a-- Board of Directors and let them understand that we really have declared No Confidence in the leadership of the company. Time to get loud in a very public manner.

Richard Adams said...

That's a little too melodramatic. Ask yourselves, is there any stakeholder out there who does not know about the current strife between Owner/Operators and McDonald's management?

The important reporters know about it. Analysts know about it. Investors know about it. More public drama is unnecessary.

The question is, do any of these stakeholders care if Owner/Operators are frustrated with management? Does it matter? Does it impact the investment?

Chris K. is betting that it doesn't matter and that franchising is pretty simple - If the franchisees don't' agree with management's direction - just get new franchisees.

Interaction with analysts and the media through meetings and workshops is the best direction from here. Just keep it straightforward and simple.

Remember, everything that analysts and investors know about the McDonald's franchise came from the corporate guys. They know little of the real world. That can only come from you guys.

Anonymous said...

Too much talk and not enough action….boycott vegas

Anonymous said...

Have a competing NOA meeting in Vegas. Invite the stock analysts (MCD may not let them into their convention). Do the walkout of Chris K's speech and bring the stock analysts with you the NOA meeting that you walk over to.

You want change in management? This is one way to do it. Other CFA franchisee association members have gotten their management teams replaced. You just have to stand up and continue on after Blake did it. MCD paying Blake big dollars to leave (good for him and the whole Casper clan!) tells you that NOA is their biggest fear to of losing control of franchise owners.

Richard Adams said...

I like your thinking but the "walk-out" thing should not be the focus of the event. The focus should be getting a bunch of Mcdonald's Owner/Operators face to face with a bunch of Wall Street types. Even if it's completely unstructured. All you need is chairs, coffee, Cokes, and maybe a few tables.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea about operators meeting Wall Street in VEGAS

LOVE to have it a few days prior to the MCD meeting


MIGHT get more accomplished at this event instead of be one way dialogue we will hear - same 💩💩 every
time / w would go to this 100%. VEGAS THEY CAN KISS MY ***

Invite top or any of the EVER GREEN operators - THAT MEANS RICHARD TO 😀😀😀😀

that would be my high light of the year

sell NOA hats - shirts - which I already have in black are there other colors

Anonymous said...

Richard ask, does it matter?!

Theres only one tool in the franchisee hands - its restaurants

While that tool cuts both ways, it's also symbolic the sufferage operators endure.

A meeting anywhere will have ZERO impact, you HAVE to effect the bottomline somewhere to draw attention and awareness.

The complete unwillingness to use that tool makes you feckless... as decades of talking has produced no results.

Diplomacy is wasted on a party that beleieves its superiority over its franchissess. Theres NO 3 legged stool. Believing that failed philosophy will be the downfall of the most successful franchise system in the world.

Continued complacency is self destructuve. We all love being reminiscent about the past, it's not the solving todays issues with todays corporate hostile philospohy.

New tactics are needed, tossing pebbles at this steamroller isnt gonna make a difference.

Anonymous said...

You cant build owner morale and reach consensus when you openly and blatantly insult the owners.

Chris K has no tact, and no understanding of the business, or the companies relationship with the owners. In short, he is a dictator who could not care less about us, and it shows