Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 13, 2021

McOpCo Going to $15/Hr

 Talking about 2024 won't solve today's staffing problems


Anonymous said...

Once again, MCD just announces this for the PR value, and does not forewarn the NFLA.

Anonymous said...

The NFLA is feckless, and it doesnt seem anything else is either. Franchisees are simply lost, floating aimlessly in the night.

Corporate pushing massive cost on the restaurants, while also pushing massive discounting. No one with common sense to notice either.

There use to acceptable labor and food cost percentages, but with corporate focused on operator generated revenue.. its not even discuscussed.

We now charge over $5 for a sandwich, $ 3 for a fry... we dissolved the EVM Strategy..all to sit on a $1 drink.

Now, organizations are discussing removing McCafe - after forcing systemwide new machine purchases. No longer having a business plan (feasibility study) with a return on investment (ROI) strategy. Like kids in a candy store .... buy .. buy .. buy ... spend ... spend ..spend. and the marketing puppets have no clue of demographics, just discount, give away, free.

Anonymous said...

It’s all about the stock price - nothing else

How many operators can we screw this month to get the stock up?

I ask my OA every time I talk with him “HOW IS MCD STOCK DOING TODAY?” . “I KNOW THAT IS MCD ULTIMATE

We each seem to be MCOPCO GM’s - - some are just bigger than others - - we collectively lost control of our business

It’s only going to get worse

very sad

Anonymous said...

McDonalds Corporate in lock step with Biden Administration, notifying stores customers no longer need mask...

Hello, the CDC issues guidance that the STATE GOVERNMENTS make REGULATIONS. Just because Comrade Biden or the CDC made an announcement. It DOESN'T override the State and County regulations!

Anonymous said...

Theres a reason stock holders took 95% of restaurants out of corporate control!