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May 8, 2021

McDonald's Says Its Restaurants Are Now "Easier to Run and More Profitable"

Oh really?

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Anonymous said...

There is not 1 operator I know that is staffed to the amount they want to be at

Some down over 25 employees a store - I am in that one - people do not come in when scheduled

I am having MGRS leaving now (even after pay increases & bonuses). they now can work from
home - they will make less money but they don’t care - working short handed is driving them out

No one has the answer - our area of the country is starting at $14 to $15 a hour & still cannot get enough
help - this is the worst staffing I have ever seen in my 40 years as an operator.

If there is a SILVER BULLET please let me know - I am just shooting blanks since January

Anonymous said...


most of our co-op is at a similar shortage
even more money per hour seems to have a very
little effect on applications

I do not see this getting better any time soon

UNIONS - are at it again

Check out a news article about DOLLAR
GENERAL in Maine - not a good read
just GOOGLE it

Coming to a MCD near you?????

Hope not

Richard Adams said...

Maybe no silver bullet but there might be some light at the end of the tunnel in that many red-state governors are making plans to cut back on state and federal benefits to force people back to work. Of course, that won't help businesses in states with democrate governors who are following the Biden agenda.

Or as one Owner/Operator put it in the latest Kalinowski survey, "I never thought I'd be in competition with the government in staffing my stores".

Anonymous said...

Try to keep as short as I can

I am sure RICHARD said this many times
over the years - I am finally listening
to his advice

MCD is not your partner anymore

you are on your own along with your
close friend operators

my suggestion raise your prices as high
as you can as quick as you can

5-10 years from now most of us will still
be around - CRIS - JOE - 1,000’s of
other MCCOPO will be gone & advertising
people will be gone as well

It’s just you & I - do what is right for you

the MCD corporate leadership can go
to HELL - I am looking out for me & my
operator friends - SUGGEST you do the

I do not have close to the back ground
MR CASPERS has - this could be a
little rude - but it is WHATS in my heart

SORRY - longer than I wanted

Anonymous said...

People, your missing their point.

You have relinquished control of sales, and corporate can control from afar your promotion engine, your pos pricing, and your menu boards.

They routinely download stuff, no matter if you individually disagree with participation.

When compared to a decade ago, they can easily control your resraurant in the name of technology, and... they only are getting more and more dug in.

And it was ALL operator driven... the words the franchisee system will die by...

Anonymous said...

Here's another way they control what you say whether you agree or disagree:

McDonald’s announced Tuesday that it’s partnering with the White House to promote the COVID-19 vaccines on the fast-food chain’s redesigned coffee cups.

The promotion will begin in July and US customers will see new McCafe cups and delivery seal stickers that feature the Department of Health and Human Services-created slogan, “We Can Do This.”

The cups will also direct customers toward, which helps people find nearby appointments and provides vaccine safety information.

Don't remember McD doing this virtue signaling during the flu season. Why not?