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May 4, 2021



Richard Adams said...

Quiz - The water tower says the town is named "Willard". What connection does the name Willard have to McDonald's history?

Richard Adams said...

First to respond accurately gets free lifetime access to this website.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Better add to my comment
WILLARD SCOTT was also a weather man
for NBC. L. O. N. G

Bonus question - there is an owner that
became an operator back in the 70’s
what state is he from

Tougher question

lifetime account ????? well I am in my
mid 70’s do not to sure that free account
will last me 😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

The operator is TENN 1st name is WILLARD
did not put that important part in

Anonymous said...

To the above poster. If you are asking which state a Owner was also a Ronald McDonald that would be Iowa.

Anonymous said...

More important question: Did the owner get more applicants than Blake Casper did with his offer of $50 just to come to an interview?

I can't believe that this is the world that we live in. Third world? sure. First world? No way.

Anonymous said...

It certainly does not help when Chris K goes around telling the media that mcd is not against a $15 wage and that MCD is not opposed to unions. Partners? Hardly. With partners like Chris and Joe, who needs enemies??!

Anonymous said...

To the poster above. Of course Chris. K does not oppose $15 wage. It would certainly lead to higher menu prices. And who benefits from higher prices via rent and service fees?

Richard Adams said...

I've seen his comments about the minimum wage. Has he really said that about unions? If so, he should have his staff work up a McOpCo income statement without unions and another with McOpCo as a unionized operation.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above. Of course Chris. K does not oppose $15 wage. It would certainly lead to higher menu prices. And who benefits from higher prices via rent and service fees?

Anonymous said...

World we live in, just sat in a meeting where the 2nd generation owners eagerly discussed abandoning the newly purchased mandated 2nd generation McCafe Espresso Machines - ripping McCafe out of the restaurants. Only to eagerly install new frozen beverage machines, and now newly NRBES mandated soft brew satellite machines; while in the same breath claiming a successful 3 year plan to then discount everything to a $1.

I thought to myself, why would McDonald's agree to abandoning McCafe in the restaurants? Is the supermarket sales exceeding expectations? Or is the long-term game a restoration of BOTTLED BEVERAGE into the restaurants. Know what, no one even questioned it. Business logic evaporated from the room. No one asked about the branding of McCafe - when it was ties to espresso - and you don't sell espresso based products - ANOTHER REMODEL?

And why is it in McDonaldLand today, NOTHING can be accomplished without discounting items to the overall negative perception of QUALITY. Are marketing agencies really that incompetent to devise genuine marketing of product, all they know is discounting?

In a time where many don't know the business survival in a COVID-19 world - these people can devise a 3-year discount plan?

Today I drove by a McDonald's offering the new Chicken Sandwich for $3.79 - the meal was over $10! I was like how does $3.79, plus a $1 drink get to over $10 in a meal price. Well, they charged more than $5 for a MEDIUM FRY. I was like, what sort of crazy is this?

But hey, if one cant get the EXTRA VALUE MEAL price to equate - they simply remove the 20-year EVM strategy. Its not Ray Kroc's McDonald's any longer - it's WHAT'A KROC's McDonald's.

Guess who owned that restaurant? Sure enough, it was one of the LEO's at todays meeting - exclaiming the need to discount. I thought to myself, what they need is an ability to understand BASIC MATH and a simple marketing plan.

Operators keep getting told about SKIN IN THE GAME - when is there gonna be a reasonable demand for the elimination of RENT and SERVICES FEEs of promoted items? We now have 123DM, Dollar Drink, $2 McCafe, BOGO $1, GMA OFFERS, and now REWARDS - which is a double discount on products they already buy discounted! COOPs piling onto top of nation offers - and even on top of their online offerings. Promo has gone from 1.5% to over 4.5% - and the REWARDS will drive that number even higher.

So while there is a lot to point fingers at in the corporate realm, operators have a ton of baggage to carry too. LABOR is a genuine concern. You will have to pay higher, simply cause people are use to sitting home and getting paid. You'll have to pay significantly higher to get them off their ass - or cut those welfare benefits significantly. Doesn't sound like the government is planning on cutting those benefits.

Anonymous said...

Ah, remember when business logic pulled the $1 fry so not to lock down the EVM Strategy and cause inflationary measures on the other menu products?

Man, those were the days.

Now, they need to charge $5 for frys, only to turn around and give them away on free fry friday. Hows that for improved business acumen?

Anonymous said...

Our starting wage is $13.00 which I know
is way lower than some of you

cannot get help - more leaving then coming
in - I can’t move to $15.00 it will not work
unless I take a major price increase

prices when I started
HAM .15
FRY. .10
SHAKE 15 (??? Been a while

wage $1.00 a hour

HAM 1.20
M FRY 2.50 - not worth it but is what it is
s shake 2.80

wage 13.00 like I said - you can go to
PUBLEX & get 5 pounds of potatoes
for $2.50

I will raise prices again if I move my wage

no light at the end of my tunnel


had 3 years & 9 months before he is
gone -,

Anonymous said...

Above poster asked:Are marketing agencies really that incompetent to devise genuine marketing of product, all they know is discounting?"

Yes. And the in house MCD marketing people know even less. Why do the in house people even exist, BTW? We already outsource cluelessness. Why pay for it twice?

Richard Adams said...

Like many I use search robots to gather news about topics of interest and the results are delivered by E-mail. When I review the end product I mostly look at the headlines and don't try to read every article. But when I look at the headlines for a "McDonald's" search something stands out.

At least 25% of the articles are about free or discounted food at McDonald's. I'm sure the millennials in Chicago who run the social media program get a thrill from such results but it sure looks like McDonald's USA is doing nothing but giving away food!

Correct me if I misremember but I think McDonald's USA began national discounting in the early 1990s. That means McDonald's marketing people haven't had an original idea in thirty years.