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May 20, 2021

McDonald's Increasing Spend with Diverse-Owned Media

No matter who spends Owner/Operator $$$ corporate will still insist that all ideas involve discounting or free food


Anonymous said...

The understanding of MARKETING verse simple ADVERTISING is a lost art in McDonald's

Anonymous said...

We will restrict your ability to earn by force closure of major portions of your facility while charging you full rent and service fees.

We will force you to discount - not with a simple value menu, but also with a Global App, which then we will force COOPs to add additional items and marketing support; on top of other annual BOGO and offers. Still maintaining $1 drink; even as sandwich prices are forced over $5 to compensate for the losses.

We will then force you to promotional discounting using REWARDS on monetary sales that were already previously discounted. And we foolishly explained how it wasn't REAL MONEY operators were losing - and they believed it.

And when things could get any worse, we forced added reinvestment during a pandemic. But have no fear, for as you struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel; fear not for there is light - as you will soon discover! For the light, you see isn't a positive end, but simply a train barreling down on you in the form of a review. And you've just lost your business for being INELIGIBLE. But, but, but I'm an LEO you exclaim.

Oh, yes you were, they exclaimed - as you roll out of sight. As they reminisce how you both once laughed at others.