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May 11, 2021

McDonald's Corporate Intrigue

Virtual shareholder meeting and votes are next week, Thursday May 20th.

Shareholder groups question deferential treatment for MCD former CEO

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Anonymous said...

While I understand California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS), pushing shareholders to vote against the company’s chairman, Enrique Hernandez, along with Director Richard Lenny, over Easterbrook’s severance. The fact is, it 'TAKES A TEAM'.

So either, the remaining board was snowballed - then the board should VOTE to remove those that enabled the lie. Or shareholders need to rise up and replace the entire board, as they WERE ALL IN ON THE EASTERBROOK PROCESS. My money is on, NONE OF THE ABOVE WILL HAPPEN.

Never in the history of the brand, has there been such a colossal goat-screw at the lead of McDonald's. And Owner / Operators thought many times of the catastrophic/narcissistic issues Corporate leadership has at every level. Now, it's simply the blind leading the blind.

No longer willing to jump into the fray with a "FOLLOW ME" leadership attitude. Corporate simply dictates with a "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO". Field operations have been denigrated down to barely functional Mystery Shoppers, who really aren't a mystery.

Not all their fault. How many franchisees have been eliminated with the business acumen to honestly challenge some of those decisions? The system barely had sufficient numbers to ride this pandemic successfully. Over the next 5 years, with dwindling numbers, one cannot expect the same results. Compound the issue with there is no longer BUSINESS CONSULTANTS; corporate is all about a stock they have no SKIN IN THE GAME. OPERATIONS, they no longer have the experience to honestly and beneficially impact the brand. Remember, 'its not Ray Kroc's McDonald's' any longer. Those at the leadership helm have done everything to assure that reality.

Operators who make it to the National and Regional boards, are without the wherewithal to realize the people they seemingly "look up to" - simply don't have the brand acumen in anyone's best interest; other than their own.

Anonymous said...

Vote em ALL OUT!

Anonymous said...

Life for the operator and brand image, decided in next 72 hrs.