Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 9, 2021



Anonymous said...

How did this clown ever get elected?

Anonymous said...

I have met some idiots in my life - you are giving them a bad name

most are more honest & hard working than this moron

& his knee pad vice is even dumber

they could make a movie - - DUMB & DUMBER - would be funnier than the
1st one - Joey is LOYD & CAMELA is HARRY

Is there a chance I can save the country? says LOYD

YES - 1 in a million says HILLARY - might as well put her in here 😀😀


Anonymous said...

I dont want to hear one owner complain about lack of help , rising commodity costs etc if they voted for this IMBECILE. Elections have consequences

Anonymous said...

See what happens when you steal elections? We get a president that has not a clue on the state of the country.
Sounds like leadership of McD's. We have the NFLA, NOA and corporate leaders setting up a vote on EVP. The declaration of 5 pillars that contain bold actions.
Hey leadership we have and continue to have a safe and respectful workplace. Dumping the fees for Archways that was constructed by the corporation liberals on us is an amazing way for McD to profit off this program. You continue to allow the corporation to transfer their G&A to our PnL's. PTO which in many states is already law, now all have to participate even when state law does not deem necessary? National Child Care program another Tech Fee situation waiting to happen. McD cannot manage their financials, now imagine another national program. We already are paying in excess $12.00 an hour for high school kids and now you will demand us to prove we are competitive and show the corporation our benefit analysis? This sound like McDonald's is now 100% Corporate owned and operated. They did not really sell the McOpCo locations they got paid the sale price and placed the profit in their inflated PnL, and now will decide the people practices across the nation and make us submit our employee surveys results. This is no longer a franchise situation it is the new McOpCo we just paid to be allowed to join in on the fun. Please stop this madness.