Coalition of Franchisee Associations

March 19, 2020

Subway Franchisees to Get Fee Relief

Subway franchisees to get fee relief amid coronavirus pandemic


Anonymous said...

The deferrals will only stay the DEATH sentence for a little while. Because everything that we pay will go up after this is over. Like Bank Fees, Unemployment Insurance and all the things other companies will try to recover. We are going to need a Rollback of the following fees to stay afloat; for at least 2 months make the following changes Cut Rent by Half, All Service Fees, OpNad by Half and CoOp by 30%. This will give the average Traditional store 40k to weather the storm. I have spent Millions on remodels and I am tapped out.

Now is the Time for McDonald’s to Show the Operators they care about our true Financial Health. They can suspend the Dividend for 1 Qtr and make this happen.

I am Projecting the USA will be Down 23% from March 15 to May 31, when all the smoke clears.

Ok, NOA and NFLA time to earn your keep. I want to hear directly from you what you are doing. Time to stop working on STUFF that does not matter we are going to hurt real BAD. The sky is not Falling yet, but we need REAL help.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, NOA and NFLA - your silence is deafening -as it is very sickening. There's real concern in the field that needs to be seriously addressed. Not another howdy-doody cum-by-ya message - but a serious address of the issues. Do any of these representatives even understand?