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March 24, 2020

Business Interruptus

Don't give up on your insurance coverage. There's still a lot of discussion about business
interruption. While we're not expressing an opinion, here are some arguments:

This article includes comments from attorney Robert Zarco -

Restaurants get no relief from business interruption insurance

This one really digs in on both sides - 

Coverage may hinge on science - Law360

As Zarco says, don't rely on the declarations of your insurance companies or their attorneys. 
I say, don't rely on the advice of your franchisor since they are often in bed with the "approved" insurance companies.

Fox News interviews two celebrity chefs -

Wolfgang Puck and Thomas Keller


Anonymous said...

Interestingly......we get an e-mail letter a few weeks ago from Jeff Gukenberger and the NOIT team where they are informed if restaurants are closed due to coronavirus our business interruption would not cover us. We are strongly encouraged from McDonald's to not close restaurants even though I have a few that would be better off closed as I am operating them at a loss (although keeping a few employees working) McDonald's continues to get rent & service fees (at a later date in Sept) every hour I am open I continue to lose money. But because I am open and losing money I will never be able to make or file a claim.

Anonymous said...

Expect Clueless Chris to resign soon, taking his lucrative golden parachute with him.