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March 2, 2020

Please Let Us Know How That Works Out

McDonald's Australia announces plans to eliminate plastics from stores


Anonymous said...

Another moronic PC driven decision by clueless Chris.
Coming soon to a USA MCD near you.

Richard Adams said...

Which country puts the most plastic in the ocean?

Source: PragerU

Hint: It's NOT the U.S.

Pollution in annual metric tons:

China: 8.8m

Indonesia: 3.2m

Philippines: 1.9m

Sri LankaSri Lanka: 1.6m

Thailand: 1.0m

Bangladesh: 0.8m

United States: 0.3m

Anonymous said...

Chris K: "But, but,but but all of my buddies at my lefty, leafy country club are all patting me on the back while wearing their lefty Liz Warren buttons!"

Anonymous said...

Ever been to the new MHQ? It is packed with plastic everywhere! Hypocrites

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the building add on to add a warewash section, plus the cost of dishes... dum, da dum, dum dum!