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March 22, 2020

Anonymous - "Don't Pay Your Rent"

I am the Anonymous that laid out my plan what McD. should do. I still stand behind my recommendations, with one big exception. I have truly under estimated the sales effect of this Crisis, my new estimate is at least 45% down for the whole nation. From March 15th to ?????

It is time for each Owner to get serious about making cuts in Outside Services, Utilities and Postponing anything that takes cash out of your pocket. Everything we thought we needed is now a Luxury. If you have been around a long time you know what to do, if you have been around a short time call an old timer talk to them, let them coach you. McD. will not be of help, most have never had to do this.

A “Best Bet” once you get past the current Liquidity Issue, if you have interest paying Cashless Accounts let the Deferrals pileup there. At the very least it will pay for the annual cost of the accounts.

I am making a spread sheet on the things that are rolled back, I do not want to under estimate what I owe when that time comes for the BALLOON payments, by thinking the pile in my Accounts will be enough. You HAVE to KNOW.

Additionally, It is time for OpNad and CoOp to reduce our fees by at least 65%. We will need that money to put back in our towns when the time comes. We need it NOW to stay afloat.

I would love to hear other ”Best Bets” during this “Slash For Cash” time.

Good Luck to everyone. Stay Positive and Stay Safe.

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Anonymous said...

We live in a time where most of the business entrepreneurs in McDonald's have been forced out. This new generation follows corporate guidance like a moth to a flame. Even as they are getting burnt, and the hand gripe they thought would pull them to safety - is quickly released to watch them go under.

Failing to realize, your nothing but a piece of paper to them. And they get to reissue that paper at any time, to anyone, they choose.

If you have the ability to save to yourself - that needs to be the sole focus. As any other measure may be deemed subversive; and any honest discussions may negatively impact your Operator Involvement by field offices that lack the business sense to know any better.

Your giving great advice - that is going over the heads of many in the business today. Keep it up, it help keep us in the minority sane.