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March 20, 2020

McDonald's Suspends Buybacks

MCD suspends buybacks, leaves dividends unchanged


Anonymous said...

While operators suffer and some drown, MCD protects its stockholder dividends! Cant ruin that 43 year old dividend record folks .

Anonymous said...

Ever notice the current record number of MCD execs who are selling their stock. Like rats fleeing a sinking ship

Anonymous said...


realized years ago all I / YOU are to MCD is a
number that is it - - your store number or
operator ID — end of comment

Owners are with the SYSTEM
30 - 40 - 50 or more years - you gave your entire
life to the SYSTEM you loved - YOU - I
are a number

I am so pissed off - I have not been to any
meetings in years - - will get an operator
review in May - will be very interesting

Instead of buying a MAGA hat for TRUMP

I am going to make a K M A M hat
I could sell thousands

Stay safe - the only MCD person that has
your back are your neighbor operators

what’s your number?

WORLD WIDE next year - ask for a
number - instead of a name - let’s be
honest with each other

FRED CREATED - makes you want to

Anonymous said...

I'm a 2nd gen operator, and agree with the above, this is not the same McDonald's I grew up with. It was an incredible brand and now am just hoping to survive and keep some amount of equity.

Spero Drulious, is sucking the money out of my bank account daily. I always thought his name resembled a character out of a Dracula cartoon. But the real life problems are real. they only care about shareholders....... share buybacks, in my opinion, will be outlawed here in the near future... what a giant waste of money with NO! societal benefit.

Richard Adams said...

"Progressive" politicians operate on the premise that all the money in the economy belongs to the government and the government decides how much of their own money the citizens get to keep .

In the same way, the management of a large franchise company feels that every dollar in sales belongs to corporate and it's the CFO's job to decide how much the franchisees get to keep.

Anonymous said...

CFO and our Resident Debt Devil, Kevin Ozan.

Anonymous said...

They suspend buybacks and then double them on the next round.Got to cover all of those stock options management will want to cash In when they are back in the big money!