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March 14, 2020

Starbucks And Others Could Switch to Pickup, DT Only, Delivery as Wuhan Virus Spreads

Starbucks US could switch to pickup, delivery orders as COVID-19 spreads - Restaurant Dive

Taco Bell prepares to only offer drive-thru, delivery

Local McDonald’s close dining room and go drive-thru only due to coronavirus concerns


Anonymous said...

Despite what the President said yesterday or thinks is happening or knows “Coronavirus Families First” legislation in its current form will not protect most Owner Operator organizations, CONTACT YOUR SENATORS NOW. Why are they bailing out big business and not us? Why did we even bother hosting Kevin McCarthy at NOA only to have him not stand up for us?

I have spent time with and personally know current and retired US Senators and Represenatives and they WANT to hear from us- phone calls are most effective, snail mail second and email 3rd- form letters aren’t very impactful. If you’ve got his/her cell number now is the time to use it!

Call them! Call their office, email their office, do it NOW.

Calculate the cost to pay every one of your employees for 2 weeks and tell me you can afford it, I sure can’t.

Anonymous said...

I need clarity on that. Who fits the bill for paid time off? us or unemployment?

Anonymous said...

If your organization is less than 50 or more than 500 Treasury will provide you with a tax credit to offset your costs.

If you have 51-499 employees it is your responsibility as written. The President and Treasury Secretary today indicated that they are aware of this gap and are looking it, sounded like they’d like to see it changed but contact your Senator by telephone if you want to be heard. They don’t know if you don’t tell them.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have your senator's phone # (or can't get through-which is the case right now), e-mail also works, even form letters. The offices keep track of the counts of "for" or "against" numbers. Yes, e-mails matter too. There's no time for snail mail right now.

IFA and CFA both did action alerts where you just fill in nam and address and click. The franchisee association members of CFA also did their own, as did some franchosor members of IFA and NRA.

Anonymous said...

Its not too lste to contact your Reps and Senators.
The Democrats will slow the down with stupid demands for transgender bathroom funding and taxpayer funded abortions and open borders, but it will eventually get done. Make sure that franchise owners aren't left out of the lifeboats like the Democrat's want!!!