December 3, 2019

Damn the Franchisees - Full Speed Ahead!

New Subway CEO draws criticism from franchise owners over price cuts


Anonymous said...

Coming soon to McD courtesy of heavy handed Chris K.

Anonymous said...

The only Way I am going to go with a heavy discounting program is if we have a Floor that Guarantees McD. will lose at the same rate we do, by CoOp, not Field Office or nation.

If it is all that Damn Good Suspend the 4% service fee on those products we Discount. If we have to take a Bath to build transactions let’s ALL get in and SOAK.

Time to Get Real and Real Pissed Off. Because you know it is coming.

Anonymous said...

ITS ALREADY HERE. Look no further than the Global Mobile App offers which are totally controlled by Chicago. Someone needs to file a price fixing anti trust class action lawsuit vs MCD