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December 13, 2019

It's OK to Take it Easy

Supply challenges could delay McDonald's chicken sandwich launch, analysts predict


Anonymous said...

Cause nothing spells success like implementation of once failed initatives, like Breakfast Chicken!

Anonymous said...

We are under pricing Popeyes by 50 cents? (CFA by 30cents) Food cost?? PROFITABILITY ??? And of course the geniuses in Chicago will dictate that we give away millions for free! The consumer may rationalize that the significantly lower price indicates lower quality!

Anonymous said...

Tenders, donut sticks, rib sauce, fried onions, etc ...… WHY doesn't someone lose their job over these ordering blunders? MCD is run like the Government- once in you will face little to no chance of losing your job despite terrible performances

Gone are the days when we placed orders expecting to OUTPERFORM estimates, and if we didn't meet expectations we simply sold the product a little longer until sold out. The "Good Old Days" when operations not marketing ran the company


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