Coalition of Franchisee Associations

December 24, 2019

A Suggested New Year's Resolution for McDonald's Operators

Pay increased attention to the status of the real estate you are renting.

McDonald's sells Penn Plaza building owned for 47 years for $35M



Anonymous said...

I heard there is a number of current/former operators in the Dallas area that are forming a group to bring litigation against McDonald’s for losing restaurants due too invalid/made up reasons. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? If so, who can we contact to get involved?

Anonymous said...

That’s a good question. I’ve heard similar rumors. More so on the corp side. But it seems like a great time to unify. That is, if the company knowingly did something they shouldn’t have. You know, like did not treat franchisees in good faith....

Anonymous said...

If the above is true, BRAVO! and Good Luck. Its about time! Start with Systems Capital Corp.


Anonymous said...

who's the NOA Attorney?

Anonymous said...

Yes McDonald's is selling McDonald's owned property around the country a few per field office per year.

Anonymous said...

NOA attorney is Carmen Caruso

Richard Adams said...

You can call all the lawyers you want but McDonald's has every right to sell unencumbered properties. Your franchise ends, your lease ends, you're out on the curb with your fryers and grills and the real estate can change hands. All of the real property equity buildup goes to McDonald's Corp. or to one of their underground REITs.

Now, if this kind of activity comes up while your franchise term is still in force you're going to need legal representation. If corporate is trying to talk an Owner/Operator into giving up their right to occupy a McDonald's controlled property that's serious stuff no matter how much time is left on the franchise.

And that's the point of this entire post. McDonald's Owner/Operators should pay close attention to the status of the real estate they are renting. Who actually owns that dirt? Who owns that building?