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December 10, 2019

McDonald's New Board Member

Meet McDonald's New Board Member


Anonymous said...

Another foolish move by the BOD. She worked for Deloitte for petes sake! Can you say conflict of interests? But then again our BOD chairman reaped excessive millions of dollars by over charging MCD for security services at the 2018 WWC. So I guess they think its ok. The BOD hardly serves the Brand well, rather they use their BOD positions to feather their own nests!Incestuous.

Anonymous said...

Above comment is spot on! McDonald’s BOD is a group of self serving individuals that do NOT have the brands long term success as their priority. They love being able to make large scale decisions and remain fairly unknown and unaccountable to the operator community. Will someone please pull the curtain back and reveal the great and powerful OZ! #investigatethebod #noaccountability #selfservingpriorities #mmga

Anonymous said...

WHEN will we get an OPERATOR REP on the BOD???

Are you listening NFLA?