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December 18, 2019

Not Unusual in a Franchise System

Hundreds of Jack in the Box locations are losing money


Anonymous said...

Nothing with the JACK

What did BIDEN day in California today?

I played it back 4-5 times and still
do not understand what he meant
by the 7,000 something

7,000 operators?

unionize MCD??????
is he on drugs?

Several members of my family worked
and still work for GM - most been there
30 or more years - unions MIGHT be
good for some industries but MCD?
So for he long term MAYBE it’s a good

MCD average turnover is over 100%
all they are doing if filling union thugs

Back to the question - what the hell did
he say?


Anonymous said...

Might as well, and as factitious that sounds, when you consider the loss of independent operator status for what exist today.. what else is left for the system to take away.

Cashflow increases that can easily be associated with Nationwide wages increases. Dont take into account below the line expenses. Operators made money selling food. Now sandwiches, 2 for $5. Drinks are a $1. And operators will soon give away their fries.

Operators might as well give away their labor dollars too. The cumulative sum of lost controls, directed by 'operators' that have no business in the operational positions they fill.

Prophecy fullfilled, when a company with the minimum number of restaurants sets labor policy with wage and benefits for the majority that have control of the actual asset. SMH

No more local marketing. No more P&L control. Just show up and see whats left of your check at the end of the day. No longer are you a independent leader. If you think that is a little harsh, you have no clue to how this 'independent franchise' model works. Ray and Fred have to be turning in their graves.

Anonymous said...

Doing 2 for $5 reducing the sandwiches, stresses the kitchen. With a $1 Any Size Softdrink, already 300% lower than competition, now will give away the fries with a basket full deal.

Hoping to squeeze some profit out of nuggets, when my phone app buzzes a FREE MEDIUM FRY with a purchase of a 4 piece nugget.

Distracted, i walk to the mail box only to find an additional 18 discount mailer offers. Need to ask, is there anything left to give away?

Better yet, is there any way to profit? Maybe we can charge parking fees? Have to ask, whats the NOAs plan to reel this stuff in? Its obvious the NFLA and OPNAD has no sense or control any longer.