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December 29, 2018

West Loop McDonald's Being Remodeled - Already

What does this say about the future of McDonald's service? The store needs "more room for customers to wait for their orders" and they are installing "standing rest pads for customers 
to lean against while waiting".

Yikes! If this is the future of McDonald's then it's a road back to $2 million average unit volumes.

McDonald's remodels restaurant at new headquarters — just months after opening


Anonymous said...

When can we all expect to be required to this in all of our restaurants? MRP 2.0 next year?

Anonymous said...

At this rate it will be mrp 3.0 with SAM 3.5!

Anonymous said...

The operator-only meetings have been great events and might be the beginning of the real ‘turnaround’ of McDonald’s USA. If corporate management of McDonald’s USA can’t get the job done, maybe we can.

Anonymous said...

If Experience of the Future is not working what good will the SAM Wall do? Have not seen any kind of business case.