Coalition of Franchisee Associations

December 4, 2018

Things at JIB Getting Ugly

        Jack in the Box franchisees sue the company


Anonymous said...

McD operators should follow the lead and pass a vote of "NO CONFIDENCE' in Corp.



Anonymous said...

There is a difference. JIB is headquartered in California and subject to the laws in that state which has new laws protecting franchisees. McD is headquartered in Illinois and the franchise agreement is subject to Illinois state laws which may be much weaker.

Richard Adams said...

Also, the JIB association is more than 20 years old, maybe 30.

Anonymous said...

Athens IL choice of law in the ran chose agreement may or may not stand up in a California court, especially under the new franchisee protection law passed in 2015. Thank you, CFA. IL next, please?