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December 20, 2018

Can "Cook to Order" QPCs Keep Up With a Promotion?

McDonald’s makes two key changes to value menu


Anonymous said...

QPC promo is a total boondoggle! My drive through OEPE averages have gone from 140-180 seconds average to 240-300 seconds!!! DISASTER. Customers will always bail out of slow drive throughs. OPNAD and Chicago blow it AGAIN .

Anonymous said...

I would give up Fresh Beef today. Along with Signature Crafted, Bagels and Tenders.
All Day Breakfast needs to be Pulled back to a Few items.

I would only serve Side Salads with an option of a Protien.
Then I would Look closely at McCafe line.

Our Customers are demanding Good Food at Lighting Speed. My D/Ts are over 75%. That tells me they want it FAST!!!!

Anonymous said...

Would have been a good promotion without QPC just because of all the operational procedures.

Anonymous said...

How many items make up the average menu of a McDonalds restaurant? What percentage of those items are for sale? 10%? 30%? 90?

How about everything! When you look at 123DM, 2 for $5, the Global Mobile App... everything is discounted.

Qhat stores offer clearance items on everything? Going out of business sales, that's who.