Coalition of Franchisee Associations

December 13, 2018

Crain's Chicago Reports on Operator Blog Comments

McDonald's Franchisees Flock to Second Organized Meeting


Howard Penney said...

Dear FEG,

You have been fighting for the rights of MCD franchisees for decades! I cant imagine how you felt seeing 1,700 franchisees "flock" to a second meeting to fight the good fight!


My Best,

Howard Penney

Richard Adams said...

Thanks Howard, it's a thrill to see it take off like a rocket. But I can't take credit for this initial success. That credit goes to a few of the bravest and most talented franchisees in McDonald's USA.

By the way, the number in Dallas is 1,300. 1,700 is supposedly the total number of franchisees in the USA, depending on how you count them. Still, 1,300 is a stunning number.

Anonymous said...

DEMAND an Operator seat on the Board of Directors!


Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, there used to be about 2600 franchisees at one point. The Company has done a good job of tearing out the heart of the system by basically forcing out the small store operator who couldn't afford all the reinvestments and impact to their cash flow.

Anonymous said...

This reporter has it wrong it was a great day for O/O's, McD's and the entire system. Anyone who was there will tell you they probably never felt so invigorated about our future. One of the most uplifting McDonald's meetings I have been to in years, this group really has their stuff together. Their meeting was better than any McD's Global or US session I have been to in 20 years and to just think they put this all together in a couple of months it takes McD's Corp years to do that. The flow of the meeting, presentations everything was on the mark you can see what great people can do, put together if they are free to be business people. Everyone should join the NOA.

Anonymous said...

^^ I’m the one who was quoted and I said it’s a great day for O/O’s and a sad day for our system. Without looking again, that’s close enough.

Point was that it’s a shame that this is even necessary. I was one of the 2/3 who raised their hands at the question of who’s been screwed over by McD’s in the last three years. (Wasn’t the question but that was the point of it, the actual question was much more professionally phrased)

IT IS a shame that I don’t trust ANYONE on their side and probably never will. It is a shame that they’ve weaponized our franchise agreement. It is a shame that our culture that means so much is GONE. It is a shame that they have ZERO sense of service in their world, it’s literally their job.

My dad was in FS for years. He was dispatched to HELP. O/O’s having trouble making money, ”get out there and don’t come back until he’s making money”. Many stories like this.

I hate it that this was necessary and I was astounded that I was enjoying myself so much. Others said “feels like an old convention”. I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t there.

Reporter quoted me, thought it’s worth clarification.