Coalition of Franchisee Associations

December 16, 2018

From Twitter

The franchise (NOA) group is organized and respected that it will likely cost senior management jobs in 2019. Hard to see how the President of MCD USA survives. How can a senior exec with zero experience tell a second or third generation franchises how to run a store?


Anonymous said...

After listening to the legal presentation I began to realize how recklessly the company has handled their relations with the operators. At my last meeting with our regional manager two weeks before she was fired she told me that I had to comply with all terms of the franchise agreement. I told her that I have never been out of compliance with the franchise agreement but I felt like MCD has been. After listening to the legal presentation MCD has almost never been in compliance and have been riding rough shod over the operators dring anyone to challenge them. General counsel assures us we have rights under the franchise agreement. Then he ticked off a list of things they has been doing that takes them out of compliance. Mind blowing. Can we get a video of his presentation???

Anonymous said...

One could argue that it's not the current senior management in MCD that got us in this place. It took years of mismanagement and intimidation to get us here. Current US leadership has been handed a bag of crap. And the previous folks are gone who made these poor relationship choices.... simply to get themselves promoted.... its sad. selling your soul for a promotion by treating operators poorly is not a good business model.

someone recommended the book "dunk'd" on here at one point. it's a great read for anyone thinking about franchising. but in the case of Dunkin, the culture, according to the book, was driven by private equity buyouts. it seems, mcd has taken that sort of approach internally. leveraging up and pushing for more profit. all at the expense of operators. unfortunately, I don't see any way out of this. I'm worried our brand is forever eroded. not to mention all the people mcd pissed off by "downsizing" remember BOS/BSM training days.... 1 disgruntled customer will tell up to 10 people... how about hundreds of laid off employees.